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Grab your fresh cup of coffee and get ready to uplift 🚀

If you've ever experienced self-doubt and fraudster thoughts that have impacted you as a PhD or researcher, then you're in the right place.

I understand 100% the hurdle of imposter syndrome, and I’m super excited to introduce a game-changer that will redefine your academic journey.

This free masterclass is your guide to shedding self-doubt so you can confidently share your awesome research with the world. 


Imagine for a second...

 🚀What if you had an unwavering belief in your capabilities?

🚀 What if you shared your research with deep appreciation of its worth?

🚀 What if you forged new connections and collaborations with confidence?

🚀 What if you realized that YOU are the expert of your research?

🚀 What if you felt recognized and proud of your accomplishments?

🚀 What if you realized how smart you are?

P.S. You can have these things and it can be amazing 🤓

Meet your coach and new online mentor 🤓...

I'm Dr. Jayne Wilkins, a seasoned researcher with a track record of academic publications, including in prestigious journals like Nature and Science. Currently, I hold the position of Senior Lecturer at Griffith University, Australia, and have secured over $1.4 million in research grants for my work in human origins and evolution. 

Throughout my career, I've experienced all the ups and downs of the academic journey - which seems like a neverending cycle of rejection, success, rejection, success, rejection, success. I've also had the privilege of mentoring numerous postgraduates and clients, guiding them through the rewarding (but sometimes overwhelming) journey of doing and sharing research.

My main life goal is to empower early career academics and postgraduates and help them publish journal articles. I understand that the pressure to publish can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to find meaningful support that actually helps you be productive. I'm helping change that. Join my free masterclass to boost your confidence, conquer imposter syndrome, and emerge as a more resilient researcher 💪

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