Write and publish journal articles in less time, with motivation and purpose, and without the imposter syndrome.

👋Oh hey, emerging leader

(P.S. that’s you)

Yes, you! The postgrad or early career academic who's tired of feeling stuck in your research and wondering if you'll ever publish that work.

I've been there, and I know how frustrating it can be.

This is why I offer consulting and coaching services to help you can kick start your productivity and gain the practical know-how you need to publish high-quality journal articles.

No more feeling like an imposter or struggling to prepare manuscripts.

With my personalized motivation and accountability, you'll work efficiently and feel proud of your research accomplishments.

You’ve done some amazing research and now it’s time to let it shine!

And the best part? You'll decide the pace, on your own schedule, and with the support you need to succeed. I'll help you ditch the overwhelm and achieve your goals.

What you'll learn around here...

How to write, finish, submit, and publish journal articles

Don't let the lack of know-how hold you back.

I’ve broken everything down into the actionable steps you need to know to confidently navigate the publishing process from start to finish.

This is includes overcoming those nasty things that don’t get talked about enough – supervisor and co-author politics, negative reviews, and rejection.

P.S. If you are experiencing these things, you can and will succeed despite them. 💪

How to let go of that imposter syndrome and perfectionism baggage

Mindset can be the difference between success and self-sabotage.

Prepare to say bye-bye to limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and hello to a more positive and confident outlook.

I mean, look at the cool research you are doing – how amazing is that?!

How to harness your ideas to make a real impact in your field

You are here because you fell in love with the pursuit of knowledge and want to make a difference in the world.

I help you turn your ideas into impactful research, by guiding you through the process of identifying research gaps, crafting research arguments, and developing a research plan that aligns with your vision.

Not sure what your vision is yet? Let’s figure that out!


Manuscript Booster Session (45 Mins)

In this 1:1mentorship session, I help you confidently finish a manuscript that's not just great, but amazing, so you can confidently submit your paper and share your awesome research with the world. 💪

Together, we'll revise, edit, and enhance your work in a collaborative and friendly atmosphere.

For any career stage or manuscript stage.

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Publish with Purpose

My signature online course and coaching program designed to teach you how to publish journal articles purposefully and productively by ditching the "publish or perish" pressure.

Develop practical and effective strategies to get focused, kickstart your productivity, and successfully share your amazing research with the world 💪.

For postgrads and early career researchers working on their first article, or with a few under their belt already.

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Personalized advice for any step of the publication process, from crafting a compelling high-impact manuscript, to editing for maximum clarity, to navigating the submission process, to dealing with negative reviewers, to sharing and promoting your pubished work.

The expert advice you need to achieve your publication goals.

For any career stage or manuscript stage.

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Feeling overwhelmed? Stuck? Defeated? Unfocused?

I'm here to help. With my bespoke coaching services I provide encouragement and practical guidance to overcome challenges and move forward.

Let's work together to get things done.

For any career stage or manuscript stage.

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Interactive group workshops that develop effective strategies for publishing high-quality, high-impact academic papers.

Hone persuasive writing skills, refine research narratives, and develop clear plans for publication success.

For unit leaders investing in the professional development of their faculty and students. 

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Hi! I'm Dr Jayne Wilkins.

I'm a researcher and academic.

I have been publishing, reviewing, and editing academic publications for over a decade. Some of my proudest academic achievements include publishing as first-author in Nature and Science.

With the experience I've gained, it's my mission to help early career academics and postgraduates conquer their publishing goals.

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