I'm Ready! What's Next?

Imagine for a second...

What would it feel like to publish that peer-reviewed journal article?

To share your work so you can move on to your next awesome research project? 

To see those doors of opportunity open up to scholarships, graduate programs, jobs, promotion?

To feel confident about academic writing?

To be a paper-publishing machine? 😝


What's holding you back? 

Academic publishing is a challenge for everyone.

But, what is it for you?

👉 Is it lack of know-how?

👉 Lack of time?

👉 No motivation?

👉 Maybe you're struggling with imposter syndrome like so many other early career academics?

👉 Maybe you are just stuck in a rut?

Sound about right? I have good news...


You can submit that paper in 9 weeks, share your awesome results with world, and kick-start your productivity.

I can help you get there with my 1:1 coaching program.

The Publish That Paper Program

In my signature Publish That Paper program, I take you from having an unfinished or unstarted manuscript to one that is done and SUBMITTED. In 9 weeks. Yup - 9 WEEKS 😯🎉💪. We get there via strategy, support, and know-how.


We co-create an effective plan of action for accomplishing your goals.


I am actively invested in your success. I offer inspiration and encouragement.


I share practical knowledge about the academic publishing world.

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Why is publishing a journal article so challenging?

Publishing your research can be massively overwhelming. There’s a huge learning curve, especially for those doing it for the first time.

One of the reasons for this is that publishing a journal article is about so much more than getting words on paper. You probably already have a lot of experience and skills writing essays and/or lab reports. But a journal article is something completely different.

  • There are also the figures, and tables, and references.
  • You must cite these properly.
  • You may have to learn new software to do this.
  • You must choose a journal.
  • You must follow the journal’s style guide.
  • You may have to navigate co-authorship with collaborators and/or your supervisor.
  • You must work through a cumbersome online submission portal.
  • All of this, plus there are many unspoken conventions about language and structure.
  • Then, you get the reviews back and you have whole new set of skills to learn for successfully responding to the reviewers in a way that encourages acceptance by the journal.  

Phew – that’s a lot.

Should I publish a journal article?

That's a hard YES.

In the competitive academic job market, the sooner you start and the more peer-reviewed journal articles you have, the better.

Articles are not the only measure of success. But, publishing journal articles opens doors to postgraduate programs, scholarships, degrees, grants, jobs, awards, and promotions.

Is this you?

You are smart, hard-working, and passionate about your research project…


✔ you want to publish a journal article, but don’t know exactly how.

✔ you lack practical support from your time-poor supervisor.

✔ you have started an article, but you keep getting stuck.

✔ you sit at your computer all day, but you don’t make good progress on your article.

✔ you know you need help, but you are unsure about how to get it.

✔ you feel discouraged or unmotivated.

✔ you just keep reading new papers and don’t make progress on your own.

✔ you’ve just realized your awesome dissertation will not be enough to make you competitive on the post-PhD job market.

✔ you are worried about not graduating, not getting a scholarship, not getting a research grant, not getting a job, not getting a promotion.

✔ you want to aim for the highest-impact journals, but you don't feel confident.

✔ you want to develop your skill set and become a publication-generating machine

If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Publish That Paper program is here for you.

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By now you might be wondering who I am and why I've created this.

Hi. I'm Dr Jayne Wilkins.

I have more than 12 years experience as an academic writer, reviewer, and editor. I've published as first-author in the top journals Nature and Science. I've helped many postgrads publish their first peer-reviewed journal article.

I created the Publish That Paper program because I know that universities rarely offer practical, day-to-day, one-on-one support through the entirety of the publication process.

I can guide you step-by-step through this process.

I can teach you strategies so that you can work less, but achieve more.

I can make the whole process of writing and publishing easier for you.

I can help you smash your publication goals.

If this sounds good to you, book a free Discovery Call. Let's chat about where you are at, what your roadblocks are, and whether the Publish that Paper program is a good fit for you.

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This is why I do what I do.

Jess von der Meden
published by PLOS ONE

"Working with Jayne on preparing and submitting my first manuscript for publication was transformative, turning an overwhelming task into an enjoyable learning and collaborative experience.

Jayne’s communication is prompt and clear, she provided insightful and constructive feedback on all aspects of the manuscript, and her instructive advice at each step of the way helped to demystify the submission and revision process.

Her thorough and supportive guidance boosted my confidence and ensured the success of my first paper!"

Amy Hatton
published by Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports

"Jayne encouraged me to publish my first paper, and was instrumental in its success, helping me to crystallize my ideas, get them into the correct format and create a paper that I am still very proud of.

There are so many small things to consider when publishing that can be very intimidating at first, I feel much more comfortable and equipped to publish since working with Jayne."

Alex Blackwood
published by Oxford University Press

"Jayne helped me enormously through the various stages of writing a large review paper, from helping me focus my initial research to structuring the paper, the processes of submission, and working on revisions.

Working with Jayne has been a wonderful experience, and I’m eternally grateful for her mentorship, supervision, and support, helping me with my writing as well as research skills.

I now have the tools and experience to feel confident in writing and submitting academic papers."


How It Works

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Make a Plan

In our video chat, we'll discuss whether my intensive coaching program is right for you.

It’s important that we both know that the program will help you accomplish your goals.

Don’t worry. I won’t pressure a hard sell. 

Get Started!

Once we’ve decided that the Publish That Paper program is right for you, I will send you an invitation to the program.

You can start finishing that article immediately.

The Program Details

The Publish that Paper program makes publishing faster and easier. In the program you will work one-on-one with me, Dr Jayne Wilkins, to take your unfinished or unstarted manuscript to one that is done and published. 

You will have my guidance and support in co-creating and implementing an effective strategy to not just make progress on your manuscript, but to finish it and hit the SUBMIT button.

And, after submission I will guide you through the revisions and promotion stages.

I can’t wait to see your article published!

You will have my 100% support through the whole process. I will know your paper inside and out. I will guide you step-by-step. I will encourage you the whole way. And I will tell you the hard truth when something is not working.  

What exactly the program looks like will depend on your particular situation, because we develop an individualized strategy plan optimized for your goals and strengths.

At a minimum the Publish that Paper program includes:

  • 10 one-on-one Strategy Session video calls with Dr Wilkins 
  • Signature workbooks to help you clarify your message 
  • Email support with fast responses Monday – Friday 
  • Developmental editing and feedback from start to finish 
  • Copy editing for language and grammar 
  • BONUS: Revise with Confidence Strategy Session video call (when you receive your reviews)
  • BONUS: Promote and Share Strategy Session video call (when the manuscript is in press)


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The Publish That Paper program is not for everyone

This program is not for you if you want someone to do the writing for you. I will coach you through the process. It will be faster and easier because you will have strategy, support, and know-how. 

But, it's up to you to do 100% of the work.

Let's start finishing that journal article.

Book a free Discovery Call with me. 

In our video chat, we'll discuss whether my coaching is a good fit for you and your goals. 

No hard sells.

I look forward to chatting with you!